Di Fara

Di Fara pizza is epic, magical, legendary, orgasmic, life-changing. Dom DeMarco’s pies are the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Watching him make pie after pie is like watching an artist create his masterpiece. Every piece of dough is a blank canvas. What happens next is heavenly. The sauce. The cheeses. The oil. The basil. The toppings. That brick oven. DeMarco rolls the dough for every pizza and puts each ingredient on himself. Every pizza is treated equally. He never rushes and those in line are always surprisingly patient. Don’t disturb the artist while he is at work. It’s not completely round. Some parts of the crust are slightly more burnt than others. Some bites are saucier, some cheesier. But that’s part of the experience.

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1424 Avenue J Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States
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