Peter Luger's

Peter Luger has become an icon for steakhouses, not only across America, but across the world. Although it opened in 1887, the meat mecca became what it is today under the watchful eyes of the Forman family, who bought the establishment in 1950. The only steakhouse in New York City awarded a Michelin star, Luger has championed its reputation as the best for decades. From the cattle to the cooking, Luger’s process is conceived to provide a magnificent steak – the house specialty porterhouse. After the finest USDA meat is selected, it is dry-aged in house under ideal conditions, seasoned only with salt, broiled and served cut in squares on top of clarified butter. Although the porterhouse is their specialty, burger lovers can’t leave without getting their hands on the Luger Burger. A half-pound of prime grade chuck with dry-aged trimmings from the short loins forms the perfectly medium-rare patty, all completed with American cheese and/or bacon on a sesame bun.

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178 Broadway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211
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Sun: 12:45 pm - 9:45 pm
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