Nana's Seafood & Soul
Garlic Crab

Disclaimer: Ok, so Nana’s is not newly opened … but it is new to me … and probably you. It is one of the few soul food places left in Charleston. I recommend it most for lunch/take-out/or delivery due to its limited seating. Bring a pair of crab claw crackers if you want to really dig in to the garlic crab. When crabs are in season, they serve seven to 10 bushels a day. Call ahead, because some days the crab nets come up empty. Other amazing dishes that frequent the menu include the oxtail, garlic clams, garlic shrimp, barbecue pig feet, fried turkey wings and purloos -- thick stews of rice and chicken or other small game. They deliver, but call well in advance as this service can be limited.

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176 Line St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States
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