Although it’s been 3 years since Lang Baan first opened its doors, it’s still a tricky reservation to score. A James Beard Semi-Finalist for best new restaurant in 2015, this “thoughtful old school thai food,” is a real treat for Portland diners looking for bit of casual elegance. You might have eaten spicy noodles at PaaDee and perhaps never noticed their other Thai restaurant hidden behind the bar on the other side of the wall. Take a look. Go on… keep going… all the way to the back by the bathrooms, make a left… ahh, there it is.

“Langbaan,” the Thai word for ‘back of the house’, is an intimate dining room that fits no more than 20 people. The limited seating could be partially the reason that it’s difficult to get a table. The other reason is that the food is pretty dang good. In fact, it’s exquisite. Each month, the revolving prix fixe menu features, anything but typical Thai “street food” highlighting the flavors and cuisines of Thailand. Themes of coconut creme, citrus fruits and lime, peanut and chili are certain. If you are afraid of a little heat, be warned. While the spices aren’t painful, the warmth tends to linger on your lips like a gentle but fiery slap in the face. After eating eleven, 1-2 bite courses, you might not think that you’d be full from such petite dishes. However, by the time you’ve finished the main courses, you’re covertly loosening your belt buckle a notch to make room for dessert. You’re also mentally making a note to plan your return visit. Diners wait 5-6 months for a table. If a trip to Portland is on your horizon, make your reservation yest

1818 NW 23rd Pl, Portland, OR 97210, United States
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