Taqueria Durango
Torta Ahogado

Ahogado means "drowned" in Spanish, and a torta ahogado is vaguely like a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy. Taqueria Durango's is quite traditional, the crusty roll filled with a generous amount of carnitas, savory bits of pork. That's crowned with some grilled onions. Everything is smothered in a red chile sauce, much like is found on enchiladas. That includes the top of the sandwich roll, which has been individually dipped in the sauce. That definitely makes this a knife-and-fork experience. In a nondescript line of storefronts set back from the road, Taqueria Durango offers a pretty authentic experience, and the overall menu makes it a good place to introduce pals to Mexican food beyond those fast-food emporia that mar the landscape in so many places. And, yes, that is a grocery store next door.

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10238 Page Ave, St. Louis, MO 63114, United States
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Fri: 11am-9pm
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