The Daily Bread Bakery & Cafe
Smoked Salmon Filet

Set in a strip mall in a polite suburb, the family-owned Daily Bread started out as just a bakery with a few sandwiches. No more. It grew, it moved and it's busier than ever. They're operating a smoker now, and offering pizzas, too. Still, it's the sandwiches that draw us. Chief among the attractions is the smoked salmon filet, found in the Bistro Sandwiches section of the menu. The fish is hot-smoked, so it's flaky, and the sandwich has it broken up some, thus easier to eat. Cradled in a house-made baguette, it sports a mild goat cheese along with its lettuce and tomato, the whole thing moist but not messy, and altogether seductive. Pick up a pastry when you order at the counter, if not for now - this is a generously sized guy - then to take home for later.

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11719 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131, United States
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Fri: 6am-8pm
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