Helen Graves won a Young British Foodies Fresh Faces in Food Writing award in 2013 for her hilarious piece on how to make Peckham Korean Fried Chicken, “a tale of deep-frying and drunkenness to a Wu Tang sound track.”

Helen, who lives in Peckham in southeast London, is the author of “101 Sandwiches: A collection of the finest sandwich recipes from around the world."

Her first book originated from her obsessive interest in sandwiches and her good-humoured blog, The London Review of Sandwiches. “I made it my personal mission to find the best sandwiches in London,” Helen said. She also writes another blog, Food Stories, which is widely popular in the UK. She began blogging because she was looking for a creative outlet.

When she isn’t focused on food, is studying for a PhD in psychological medicine. Contact her via email at or on Twitter @FoodStories and Instagram @FoodStories 

Food Stories

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101 Sandwiches

A collection of the finest sandwich recipes from around the world.

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