10 Essential Eats in Marseille

By Anaïs and Pedro on August 12th, 2015

As the third largest city in France and previously the main trade port of the French Empire, the beautiful city of Marseille is a melting pot of different food cultures from across the World. The diverse food culture is reflected in the abundance of restaurants and markets throughout the city where you can find delicious eats. Its close proximity to the sea and the old fisherman districts also provides Marseille with amazing fish and seafood specialities that are enriched with the culinary history of the city. Here are the top 10 essential eats in the city.

1. Pizza - Chez Zé

Pizza @ Chez Zé.png
Pizza @ Chez Zé / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

The best pizza in town! Located near the famous Calanques de Morgiou, Chez Zé offers you the opportunity to sample great Italian and Marseilles specialities. We recommend, of course, the pizza, but also all the dishes cooked in the wood-fired oven like meat, fish and the macaroni casserole. At the end of the meal, talk and have a drink with Christian, the owner of the restaurant - he’s really friendly!

2. Frappé Nutella Oréos - Coogee

Frappé Nutella Oréos @ Coogee.jpg
Frappé Nutella Oréos @ Coogee / Image courtesy of Coogee

Have a break in this little Brooklyn-like coffee shop with comfortable couches, vintage Nintendo video games and of course their famous handmade cookies or peanut butter muffins. The standout item on the menu is the Nutella Oreo Frappe, a delicious milkshake that is the perfect sweet treat.

3. Filet Sauce Roquefort - Le Mas

Filet Sauce Roquefort @ Le Mas.png
Filet Sauce Roquefort @ Le Mas / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

If it’s 4am and you’re still in town, a little bit drunk and very hungry… Le Mas is the place to go. As well as being open really late, it also offers really good, hearty dinners, such as the Filet Sauce Roquefort, a beautiful piece of beef smothered in a light blue cheese sauce.

4. Couscous Royal - Le Fémina

Couscous Royal @ Le Fémina.png
Couscous Royal @ Le Fémina / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

Le Fémina is a family business located in Noailles, a popular district of Marseilles, which has been serving up traditional, homemade couscous for decades. The large portions are less than €20 and are what authentic couscous should taste like.

5. ZZ Top Burger - Le Bar Bü

ZZ Top Burger @ Le Bar Bü.jpg
ZZ Top Burger @ Le Bar Bü / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

Run to La Bar Bü to try their delicious, homemade burgers. We especially love the ZZ Top and the Chuck Norris burger with a large slab of cheddar cheese. On the weekends, the atmospheric bar serves juicy burgers and homemade desserts to the soundtrack of local DJs.

6. Milkshake de Bouillabaisse - Les Fenêtres, L’intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu

Milkshake de Bouillabaisse @ Les Fenêtres.png
Milkshake de Bouillabaisse @ Les Fenêtres, L’intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

This luxurious 5-star hotel offers one of the greatest views of Marseille.
Chill out on the spacious terrace, drink a cocktail at the bar and enjoy the food at the restaurant Les Fenêtres. Make sure you ask for a table that looks out onto the Vieux Port and Notre Dame de la Garde. Try the Milkshake de Bouillabaisse, an interesting fish soup with a multitude of different textures.

7. Alouettes sans tête - La Maison Hantée

Alouettes sans tête @ La Maison Hantée.jpg
Alouettes sans tête @ La Maison Hantée / Image courtesy of justacote.com

The best and oldest Rock bar in town! Here you can eat amazing food in big portions for only €10, such as the Stuffed Beef Rolls and the homemade Lasagne. Don’t forget to have a shot of bourbon at the bar, listening to Motörhead or AC/DC!

8. L’eau Vive

L’Eau Vive.png
L’eau Vive / Image courtesy of anaisetpedro.com

Want to have lunch in the famous Notre Dame de la Garde? You can with a rendezvous at the restaurant L’Eau Vive, where missionary sisters prepare and serve your meal. Serving up simple, yet delicious food with an amazing view over the city, the restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

9. Tapas - L’ébénisterie

Tapas @ L’ébénisterie / Image courtesy of L’ébénisterie

A new bar in town which quickly became THE place to be. Although you can just come here for a drink, the amazing homemade tapas are definitely a must try. With a friendly vibe and attentive staff, this is a place where you feel like home. The essential dish is the Fried french Camembert, or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there is always the beautifully chorizo gnocchi or the wonderful selection of cured meats.

10. Burrata - Mama Shelter

Burrata @ Mama Shelter / Image courtesy of Mama Shelter

Being so close to the border, Marseille food culture is rich with Italian influences. A beautiful Mediterranean inspired dish is the Burrata from Mama Shelter, served with deliciously sweet oven roasted tomatoes. Not only does Mama Shelter serve up some amazing food (the burgers are also a must try!) and elegant cocktails, but it also is one of the best hotels to stay at in the city. In the summertime, enjoy the atmosphere at the Mama Beach, the Mama Shelter’s very own private beach.

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