Xtremefoodies Guide to New York’s Best Burgers

By ExtremeFoodies on May 31st, 2016

For the last year, ExtremeFoodies has made it our mission to find the best burger in New York City. It was no easy feat. After 100s of patties and buns eaten alongside some of NYC’s best food experts and a few extra inches to our waistlines, we are finally ready to reveal our top 10 best burgers in New York City. 



10. Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger @ The Brindle Room 



9. Korzo “Fried” Burger @ Korzo 



8. Luger Burger @ Peter Luger Steakhouse 



7. Raoul’s Burger au Poivre @ Raoul’s  



6. Minetta Burger @ Minetta Tavern 



5. Bacon Cheeseburger @ Joe Junior 



4. Grass Fed Burger @ The Beatrice Inn



3. Single Patty Burger @ Boilermaker



2. Bacon Double Cheeseburger @ Hard Times Sundaes




1. Emmy Burger @ Emily 



Meet our contributors in this mission

Dave Cook

Dave Cook was born in Passaic, N.J., and raised in Stamford, Conn. He has lived in New York ever since, graduating from Columbia University. His original major was chemical engineering, but that “didn’t take,” so he switched to English Literature....Read more


Noah Arenstein

Noah Arenstein is a lawyer, writer, cook and event producer. After co-founding Real Cheap Eats in 2011, he expanded his culinary reach with Scharf & Zoyer, a 'Global Jewish Sandwich' stand at Smorgasburg in 2013....Read more


Joe DiStefano

Queens-based food writer and culinary tour guide Joe DiStefano has been exploring the borough’s diverse global cuisines for more than a decade. An intrepid eater and adventurer, he’s widely recognized by such culinary luminaries....Read more


Yvo Sin

Born and raised in New York, Yvo was brought up by her chef-dad and mom to appreciate food in all its forms. From real cheap eats to high-end fine dining, she is well-versed in it all. Her philosophy in life is “if it tastes good, eat it!”....Read more


Jeffrey Merrihue

I am the founder of ExtremeFoodies and Mofilm. Mofilm provides short-form videos to brands, ExtremeFoodies and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. I have just completed my mission to eat at every destination....Read more