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By ExtremeFoodies on June 25th, 2016

Burgerac has moved off your screens and has opened his own burger restaurant, Burgershack. In this video we chat to the man himself who explains just how it happened.



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Just because you know a lot about something, that doesn’t give you the right to just go ahead and do it… that’s what Gavin Lucas’ mother used to tell him. Or at least that’s what I’m sure his mother used to tell him. I mean, Gavin possesses one of the greatest burger blogs on the interwebs, but that shouldn’t necessarily give him the right to open a burger joint, right? Thankfully Gavin has proven us wrong. 

Burgerac is the go-to blog for many English people who have even a slight interest in burgers and burger associated effects and trivia. With Gavin Lucas as Burgerac’s creator and writer, the website is constantly updated with new and exciting news and burger reviews. He even posts pictures and write-ups of clothing, ornaments and bits-and-bobs that are burger associated. 

Why not visit the blog by clicking on this link: http://www.burgerac.com/ 

So Gavin, after years of burger-writing, donned a cloak, a firm walking-stick, and spent years in the wilderness contemplating the meaning of life, growing a rather magnificent beard in the process. When he returned to civilization he was committed to using his burger knowledge to good effect, and decided to open up a burger joint. Thus Burgershack was born. Gavin tells us that his burgers are made with locally-sourced, fresh A-grade produce, from the beef patties right down to the bread buns. 

His famous cheeseburger is a gourmet representation of the humble McDonald’s cheeseburger, with pickles, diced onion, tomato sauce and mustard lovingly sheltered by a juicy 170g beef patty. Alternatively, they also serve the self-titled restaurant icon, the Burgershack Burger. Smoked streaky bacon, mature English cheddar and chipotle sauce cover the blackened patty on this delicious mound of American-cum-English fare. 

Why not check out the Burgershack website here: http://www.burgershack.co/ 

The development of the burger has its historical origins in Europe before being so lovingly consumed in America. Throughout many early years meat was prepared differently in Europe, depending on where you were. In Germany the German frikkadel was first prepared in what was the Hapsburg ruled empire. Steaks were chopped up, minced, rolled into balls, and then fried, maintaining their juiciness, but ensuring tenderness. 

In an effort to attract German sailor patrons to their restaurants, New York restaurant owners started serving these famous Hamburg steaks. It was also at this likely point that some chefs started preparing the Hamburg steaks to be served in a sandwich of two sides of a bread roll so that they could be consumed by the German sailors while on the move. This is the beginning of the history of the hamburger, and it is now considered one of America’s most iconic eats. 

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