Los Danzantes: Dining in Oaxaca

By ExtremeFoodies on April 1st, 2016

Los Danzantes in Oaxaca is the place to go for those travellers who want to experience the wonders of cultural Mexican cuisine without encountering those mishaps that come with traditional street food. Subscribe to ExtremeFoodies for more videos on the world's essential eats.

With simple and modern furnishings that work well with a décor that hints of Mexico’s pre-colonial past, Los Danzantes attempts to recreate the same blend with the plating of old, time-taught recipes and modern cooking methods. Some of the old recreations you can expect on the Los Danzantes menu includes traditional favourites like huitlacoche. Huitlacoche is a fungus or smut that grows on the head of corn, and is treated as a delicacy in Oaxaca because of its mushroom taste and consistency. Huitlacoche is added to a number of meat dishes to add that savoury earthy taste. Speaking of meat dishes, Los Danzantes is famous for its pork rib confit. For those who are unfamiliar with this French cooking term, a confit is literally a method of cooking and preserving meat in its own fat, enhancing both flavour and tenderness. The Los Danzantes pork confit has the added zing of a chilli marinade and pasilla chilli rub.