Carolus Cocina

I was born in Barcelona, I spent my youth in Castellon and then came to Alicante, where I studied and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. I currently work at a fruit and vegetable company as a quality manager.

In 2010 I wrote my first blog post, since I had always enjoyed cooking, photography and writing. I love cooking for my friends and I spend weeks on coming up with recipes to impress them. It is something that fascinates me; when the day of cooking comes, I prepare everything on the table, I pour myself a glass of wine, put some good music on and start cooking!

I like to visit restaurants and bars where you can enjoy good company and taste good food, and then comment on them in my blog. The most interesting thing for me is experiencing the gastronomy, and creating or experiencing wonderful things. 

Carolus Cocina

Cooking, recipes, food news, food law, opinions of restaurants, new products, books, science and technology news food there is nothing better than spending great time with good people and enjoying good food.

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