The FoodieHub Global Awards 2015: Celebrating the tastiest feasts and dining destinations on the planet. 

Extremefoodies Global Awards 2015

Food Experts Helen and Nic take us on a day-by-day journey through the unforgettable ExtremeFoodies Global Awards 2015 weekend, which saw 40 members of the world's largest n ... Read more

The World’s Best Steak Restaurant

For meat-lovers, there is nothing that makes the mouth water quite as much as a juicy slab of steak. We bring you the restaurants from across the world serving up the very best steak. 

World’s Best Chinese Restaurants

With a seemingly endless array of delicious flavors from diverse regions to sample, Chinese cuisine is understandably a global favorite. Here are the very best restaurants in the world in which to ... Read more

World’s Tastiest Vegetarian Dish

These colorful vegetarian masterpieces from around the globe will have you forgetting meat even exists. Join us in celebrating the best vegetarian dishes in the world.

The World’s Best Breakfast Restaurant

Considered to be the most important meal of the day, breakfast is special. As sweet as slumber can be, stay away from that snooze button; these spots make the trip out of bed completely worthwhile. ... Read more

The World’s Tastiest Sandwich

Just imagine a world without sandwiches. Okay, sorry, that was cruel. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Fret not though, they aren’t going anywhere. What’s more, here ar ... Read more